Cinema by night: Solo

Usuń filtrowanie

O sekcji:

In critical moments, remarkable personalities – leaders, geniuses, superheroes – are always left alone with the challenge. Their missions almost never accept duos or quartets – the burden of responsibility lies on their shoulders only.
This year’s Cinema at Night is a concert composed for five soloists. Arthur Bretnik (“Wander”) throws down a gauntlet to members of a mysterious organisation which conducts morbidly dangerous experiments on local residents. Evil powers are also confronted eyeball to eyeball by father Merrin (“The Exorcist”).
Solitary heroes are often misunderstood and rejected. This was the case with Kurt Kunkle (“Spree”) – nobody appreciates his desperate battle for popularity and followers on social media. Eric (“Mortal”), who discovers his supernatural, godly powers during a trip through Scandinavian wastelands, has his good intentions believed in only by a young therapist, but still he has to stand alone in the fight for his life. Yet another character who has to fight alone is Edna (“Relic”), an old lady who unexpectedly vanishes without a trace and… comes back in an equally abrupt manner just to confront one of the most dangerous diseases in the history of humanity. She’s doing it not only for herself, but also in the name of millions of her peers.

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