Tickets and accreditations



Accreditation is a personal pass ticket to the entire festival which grants access to a wide range of films (several dozen titles), both on-premises and online screenings. It also allows you to take part in the accompanying events and meetings with guests. With accreditation, you don’t need to worry about collecting your ticket. All you have to do is just arrive at one of the cinemas at the festival 10 minutes before the screening (the number of seats in the screening rooms is limited).


You can collect your accreditation beginning from 30 September in the Accreditation Centre in the Światowid cinema. Together with the accreditation, the participant will receive a unique code to the website which allows them to access all festival events for free.


Accreditation cost: PLN 120 standard, PLN 80 reduced (for seniors, pupils, and students).

Accreditation can be purchased HERE

Terms and conditions of purchase and use of accreditation is available HERE


Should you have any questions, please contact [email protected]




Single tickets for offline screenings are already available for purchase at box offices of the Światowid and Rialto cinemas and via You can also access individual screenings by selecting relevant item in the FILM section.
Single ticket price: PLN 15 standard, PLN 12 reduced (for seniors, pupils, and students)  


Should you have any questions, please contact [email protected]




All online screenings will be provided via the platform. To access any festival material, you need to create an account on the website – HERE.

PLEASE NOTE! The number of participants for online screenings is limited. The material can be played only at the time specified in the schedule (HERE WE SHOULD PROVIDE A LINK TO THE SCHEDULE, once we finally have it), with an acceptable delay of up to 30 minutes.


with accreditation

The code received with accreditation should be entered in the REDEEM CODE section, which will unlock access to all festival screenings. It is possible to make a reservation for an online screening at least one day before it is held. It is a necessary precondition as the number of participants to online screenings is limited. The viewer can play the selected material on the day of screening and at the time set out in the schedule with a maximum delay of up to 30 minutes, and enjoy the community of the cinema, in a new technology.


Anyone who wishes to use their accreditation for online purposes only should contact [email protected] in order to receive a unique code to the website.


ACCREDITATION CENTRE – the Światowid Cinema

30.09     17:00-20:30
01.10      12:00-21:00
02.10      10:00-21:15
03-06.10   10:15-20:45
07.10       10:15-21:15
08.10       10:30-20:45