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A story full of breath-taking landscapes and emotional adventures about a boy who crosses a mysterious island on a motorcycle in the hope of returning home. Away is an animated adventure film made with an uninhibited fantasy and great attention to detail by the frequently awarded Gints Zilbalodis, a real man of the Renaissance who is not only the director of the film, but also wrote its script, took care of the production, composed the music and was in charge of the animation itself. Away was presented at between ten and twenty film festivals including the one in Annecy, where it obtained one of the awards (the Contrechamp Award).


Director: Gints Zilbalodis

Screenwriter: Gints Zilbalodis

Cinematographer: Gints Zilbalodis

Composer: Gints Zilbalodis

Editor: Gints Zilbalodis

Producer : Gints Zilbalodis

Production Company: Bilibaba