Wojciech Marczewski

“The film is a projection of the director’s inner world: my sensitivity, my sense of drama, my sense of humour, my assessment of life and reality” – this artistic credo has guided Łódź-born Wojciech Marczewski, one of the most original filmmakers in Polish cinema and the subject of this year’s retrospective at the Transatlantyk Festival. In his films, he combines a deeply personal perspective, basing the fates of characters on his own experiences, with universal philosophical problems. In a unique way, he intersperses reality with dreams, private with public, and the delicate poetry of youth with the blunt prose of great history. Marczewski is also an esteemed lecturer. He taught abroad for many years, and in 2002 he founded, with Andrzej Wajda, the unique Wajda School, where the next generation of film auteurs is being nurtured.