Arturo Ripstein

His career continued from the 60s successfully into the 90s and 2000s and up to the present, with entries in the Cannes and Venice competitions, retrospectives at a range of festivals, and invitations to be on festival juries. However, his unmistakable filmic universe had already been shaped in his early work, and he has both fine-tuned and daringly expanded it throughout his career. A film by Arturo Ripstein can be distinctively recognized as a film by Arturo Ripstein. Even if he has always worked within the existing structures of the Mexican film industry, he (almost) always managed to make the films he wanted to make: the mark of a true auteur.

"The first duty we have as filmmakers in Mexico is to look at our reality and see what’s happening. We must look in our own backyard. At our own history. The only way to be universal is to be ourselves." says Ripstein.