Lech Mackiewicz

Lech Mackiewicz (born 1960 in Skierniewice, Poland) is a Polish actor, director, playwright. He formed Auto Da Fe Theatre Co. in Sydney in 1987. He received the New South Wales Performing Arts Scholarship in 1991. Assisted Neil Armfield on the production of "Diary of A Madman" with Geoffrey Rush at Belvoir St Theatre; directed and acted internationally: Australia, Poland, Japan, Korea, Italy and Germany. Collaborated with Tadashi Suzuki's SCOT (Japan). He studied in Poland (PWST Kraków, grad. 1983), Australia (UTS, grad. 1987) and with the Moscow Arts Theatre (directing secondment - 1991). Cate Blanchett's first theatre production out of NIDA was "Kafka Dances" at the Stables Theatre (Sydney 1993) where Lech starred as Franz Kafka and Cate played his fiancée, Felice Bauer.

Lech Mackiewicz acted in over 100 film and tv productions. Directed 4 films and 36 theatre productions. Most recently he appeared in feature films: "Bail Out, Folks" , "I'll Find You", "And There Was Love in Ghetto". Later this year Lech's idependent feature film "Love You, Too" will have its Premiere in Poland.