Top 5 of New Cinema by National Centre for Film Culture

Films presented in New Cinema section are the most interesting feature and documentary films that stood out at the latest film festivals in Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Sundance and more. If you still hesitate which movie you should choose, take a look at the list prepared by our partner - the National Centre for Film Culture.


Alice T, dir. Radu Muntean, France, Romania, Sweden 2018

During a family argument, teenage Alice tells her mother that she is pregnant and wants to keep the baby. Her mother’s reaction is emotional,  in part because she herself was never able to conceive and adopted Alice.

The new film by Radu Muntean (“Tuesday, After Christmas”) won the Best Actress Award for Andra Guti (Alice) at Locarno IFF.


Angelo, dir. Markus Schleinzer, Austria, Luxembourg 2018

An emigrant from Africa becomes the chosen one of a Countess who wants to turn the African boy "into a man" Angelo is to be a living proof that a "savage” brought up under the guidance of "enlightened Europeans" becomes civilized and subordinated.  The situation becomes more complicated when a culturally “bleached” African becomes romantically involved with a white woman.


His Master's Voice, dir. György Pálfi, Canada, Hungary, France, Sweden, USA 2018

Loosely inspired by the prose of StanisÅ‚aw Lem. We start the journey in space, where the crew of the Earth's ship receives the “alien” signal. Perhaps contact with another civilisation will help answer the question of who we are? A moment later we move to the present. Peter is tracking his father, a genius scientist who emigrated from communist Hungary to America in the 1980s.


It Must Be Heaven, dir. Elia Suleiman, France, Qatar, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Palestine 2019

The Palestinian author again turns the camera on himself. This time he does so in order to watch with awe everyday life, people’s faces and their habits. He goes to places he knows very well: the Middle East, Paris and New York. He reminds us that if you closely observe things you think you know very well, you may discover myriads of little miracles and quirks.


As I Fall, dir. Magnus Meyer Arnesen, Norway 2018

Joachim is a 25 year old man battling heroin addiction. His circumstances are transformed when he receives a phone call from his ex, who needs him to take care of their 8-year-old son. Joachim consents, little realising how the decision will challenge and change his way of life. A sensitive film about a complicated father/son relationship, full of emotion but without sentimentality.