7 emotions

7 uczuć / 7 emotions

Section: VOX Cinema in Bed

A sentimental trip to the land of childhood, which may be the land of milk, but certainly not of honey. Strict parents, mean teachers, first awkward advances, playground games and having fun are the daily challenges for a group of memorable characters. Interestingly, the children are played by adult actors: Dorociński, Figura, Muskała, Chyra and others.

Direction Marek Koterski,
Scenario Marek Koterski,
Photos Jerzy Zieliński,
Inne wydarzenia:
11.07.2019, 23:00, 7 emotions / Schiller's PassageBuy ticket
Polska 2018 Subtitles: english Duration: 117 Minutes
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7 emotions
dir. Marek Koterski Polska