House of Hummingbird

Beol-sae / House of Hummingbird

Section: New Cinema

A Korean director, Bo-ra Kim, in her first feature-length film tells a story about growing up. The story is set in the ‘90s Seoul and its main character is 14-years-old Eunhee, whose world consists of self-absorbed parents, older siblings who live a nightmare of having to meet high expectations, and other spontaneously-built relationships in which Eunhnee looks for warmth and acceptation. It is a universal story about the time of growing up, when one has to rise up to a challenge of men’s domination, discover their sexual identity, experience first break ups. In a meantime, the director paints a very personal portrait of her teenage years in the capital of South Korea. This period is closed in a symbolical event – collapsing of a bridge in 1994.

The movie won Grand Prix Generation 14plus International Jury on the Berlin International Film Festival.

Direction Bora Kim,
Scenario Bora Kim,
Photos Guk-hyun Kang,
Inne wydarzenia:
13.07.2019, 16:30, House of Hummingbird / Cinema City Lodz room 5Buy ticket
19.07.2019, 10:45, House of Hummingbird / Cinema City Lodz room 5Buy ticket
South Korea 2018 Subtitles: Polish, English Duration: 138 Minutes
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