System Crasher

Systemsprenger / System Crasher

Section: New Cinema

Benni is nine and has no home, because she refuses to accept all the foster homes and special care facilities that she is taken into. She wants to be with her mother, who already has a new relationship and no space for an  older, difficult child.

Awarded at Berlinale, a bright emotional tale about a strong-minded girl.

Direction Nora Fingscheidt,
Scenario Nora Fingscheidt,
Photos Yunus Roy Imer,
Inne wydarzenia:
13.07.2019, 19:30, System Crasher / Cinema City Lodz room 14Buy ticket
14.07.2019, 13:45, System Crasher / Cinema City Lodz room 14Buy ticket
Germany 2019 Subtitles: Polish, English Duration: 118 Minutes
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