Endangered Species

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Life is usually not what we want it to be. The heroes of this film, pulsating with emotions, learn it the hard way. Three stories (based on the short stories by Richard Baush) intertwine here: the first one is about a couple of honeymooners, Josephine and Tomas, whose relationship is only seemingly perfect. Even the intervention of the parents cannot help much here, since is it possible to give up the most addictive thing in the world - love? The story of pregnant Melanie is played in a different tone. She wants to introduce her partner to her parents. However, the man is completely incompatible with their idea of a perfect son-in-law. You will also get to know Anthony, who is as absorbed in unhappy love as in his more and more strangely behaving mother. The film was screened in the prestigious Orizzonti section at the last year's festival in Venice.

Direction Gilles Bourdos,
Scenario Michel Spinosa, Gilles Bourdos,
Photos Ping Bin Lee,
Inne wydarzenia:
France 2017 Subtitles: polish, english Duration: 105 Minutes
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