Djon África

Djon África


The live of Lisbon dweller Miguel changes radically when he finds out that he was born in Cabo Verde and that his father may, in fact, still live there. To find him, the fun-loving young man sets of on a journey to his new homeland. Once there, he tramps on the beaches and in the caves, he meets girls and old people enjoying the paradise island hospitality, but also experiencing the feeling of strangeness just like in Portugal. Finding his place turns out to be just as difficult as locating his father. In their feature film debut, João Miller Guerra and Filip Reis use documentary data and close observation of natural actors as well as sophisticated camerawork of Vasco Viana (The Nothing Factory) to give the film an elegant, fairy-tale aura. All to capture the spirit of Cape Verde and ask a few of questions about the identity of Miguel but also of Africans scattered around the world.

Adam Kruk

Direction João Miller Guerra Filipa Reis,
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Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde 2018 Subtitles: polish, english Duration: 96 Minutes
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