Łódź is a city which for many years has been regarded as the capital of the Polish cinematography. The city is associated all over the world with such great names of the film industry as Kieślowski, Polański, Zanussi, Skolimowski or Wajda.



All of these artists graduated from Łódź Film School. The film school continues to educate further winners of prestigious awards all over the world. The phenomenon of cinematic Łódź and the city’s unique atmosphere contribute to the flourishing of the Polish film life. Apart from the city’s flagship project – the future Transatlantyk Festival – Łódź hosts a dozen regular events devoted to the art of motion picture every year. They include the “Cinergia” European Cinematography Forum, the Camera, Action! Festival of Film Critics, Filmteractive Festival, W. Puchalski International Nature Film Festival, “Polówka” Summer Film Festival and Se-ma-for Film Festival. Łódź offers all film lovers Poland’s only Museum of Cinematography, devoted to the Polish art of photography, media and to blockbusters. The younger generation of cartoon lovers are in for an unforgettable adventure in Se-ma-for Animation Museum, where – apart from meeting Se-Ma-For’s cult characters: Uszatek or Pik Pok the Penguin – they can find out about the secrets of the Oscar-winning films produced in Łódź: “Tango” and “Peter and the Wolf”.



To highlight the significance of Łódź’s film tradition, a “Łódź Avenue of Stars” was created in Piotrkowska Street, modelled on Hollywood Walk of Fame. It features the names of the greatest Polish film artists.


The city itself, apart from its characteristic post-industrial skyline, numerous palaces of factory owners, Art Noveau tenement houses, is an inspiration for film producers as it is the set of nearly 200 films and TV serials. A dozen-or-so new productions are created in Łódź every year and the film crews spend about 150 filming days here.