News - October 07, 2011

2011 Transatlantyk Festival Composition Winners

“The quality of the work was very high and I am sure we will be hearing much more about these artists accomplishments in the future,” said the founder and Director of the festival, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek.

At this year’s International Film and Music Festival, exceptional young artists from all over the world took part in the Transatlantyk Film Music Competition in composition. “The quality of the work was very high and I am sure we will be hearing much more about these artists accomplishments in the future,” said the founder and Director of the festival, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek.

The challenge of the Transatlantyk Film Music Competition was to score two short films. The first was a fragment of “Get Low”, directed by Aaron Schneider, while the second was the animated short “AH”, created by Simon Moreu, Bastien Dubois and Joris Baquet. Each movie was chosen to give a composer a chance to showcase both their professional skills and the originality of their style.

Composers from all over the world* sent in their works. On August 11th, 10 finalists were announced and their compositions performed for the international jury and an audience.

The jury included composer Jan A.P.Kaczmarek (“Finding Neverland”, “Unfaithful”), producer Richard Gladstein (“Finding Neverland”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Cider House Rules”), composer Peter Golub (“Frozen River”, “The Great Debators”) and the Music Director of Sundance Institute, producer Michael Phillips (“Taxi Driver”, “Sting”, Close Encounters of the Third Kind”), and composer Christopher Young (“The Shopping News”, “Spiderman 3”).

 The finalists and winners of the Transatlantyk Film Music Competition are:


1st Place and the title of  “Transatlantyk Young Composer of 2011”  goes to Matthijs Kleboom, a 26-year-old TV composer from the Netherlands, who also received a prize of  $20,000.


2nd Place was shared by composer Natali Drosou, 28, representing Greece/Poland/Great Brittain, and an American student, Garth Neudstadter, 25, from Yale and Julliard School of Music.  Each received $5,000.


3rd Place and $5,000 was awarded to Polish composer, Krzysztof A. Janczak, 28, a musicology graduate of Warsaw University, Ecole Normale Superiere de Musique de Paris and Maurice Ravel Conservatory in Paris.


Special mention for Exceptional Musical Score for an Animated Short went to Vasco Hexel, 31, a graduate of Berkeley College of Music and Royal College of Music.


The Transatlantyk RMF Radio Classic Award, for the most radio-worthy music was given to Arturas Saskinas, 21, a self-taught Lithuanian composer.


RMF Classic honorable mention for: “Original, aesthetic style, depth and unique presentation of emotion in music” went to Natalia Villanueva Garcia, 27, (Columbia/Austria) a graduate of composition and music theory at Music University in Vienna. She is a film and TV composer.


Competition Finalists:

Moritz Schmittat (Germany/Great Britain), a graduate of composition and production from the University of Utrecht, and music composition from the Royal College of Music in London. He is an author of film music, TV productions and commercials, a finalist at the Berlinale Talent Campus 2009 and Cologne Soundtrack competition.


Mikołaj Stroinski, 32, (Poland/USA)- a graduate of jazz from the Music Academy in Katowice and film composition from the Berkley College of Music. He is a composer (“Cudowne Lato”, “Hired Gun” and TV productions on NBC, CBS, FOX, SPIKE, LIFETIME TV).


* Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Holland, France, Sweden, Australia, Turkey, Israel, New Zealand, Brazil, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Columbia, Switzerland, USA and Poland