Tomasz Gąssowski

TOMASZ GĄSSOWSKI, born in 1963, Warsaw

In 2014, he completed the Development Lab programme for film directors at Wajda School. In 2016, based on the script used during this course, he shot, as a part of the “30 minut” programme by Munk Studio, his debut film BARAŻ (Award for the Best Live Action Short Film at the 32nd Warsaw Film Festival; Award for the Best Short Film at the 24th ‘Prowincjonalia’ National Film Art Festival; Srebrne Grono for the Short Film at the 46th Lubuskie Film Summer in Łagów)

For almost 25 years, he has been closely cooperating with Andrzej Jakimowski. He composed music for his many film productions, highly acclaimed both in Poland and worldwide: IMAGINE (MocArta Radio RMF Classic Award for the best soundtrack in 2013; Honourable Mention at the 3rd Krzysztof Komeda Film Festival), TRICKS, and his first film - ZMRUŻ OCZY, which he also coproduced.