Lucrecia Martel

Born in 1966 in Salta, North of Argentina, Lucrecia Martel settled down in Buenos Aires, where she studied filmmaking in the National Film School (ENERC).
She started by directing a few shorts among which Historias Breves I: Rey muerto 1995), which garnered several awards in the international film festival circuit. From 1995 to 1998, she made a series of documentaries for TV as well as a children's TV programme, hailed by the Argentinian press for its unusual dark humor. From 2001 until today, Lucrecia Martel has managed to make three very personal feature films: La Ciénaga ( The Swamp 2001) received several international awards, and was voted the greatest Latin American film of the decade in a poll of New York area film critics, programmers and industry professionals. La Niña Santa (The Holy Girl 2004) which was selected for competition at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival, while La Mujer Sin Cabeza (The Headless Women 2008) was selected for competition Cannes in 2008.
Martel is currently in post-production stage of her film Zama (2017) an adaptation of Antonio di Benedetto´s novel starring Daniel Giménez Cacho.
In the year 2016 Lucrecia Martel was invited to become a new member of The Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences, due to her significant contribution to the industry and film culture.