Wojciech Karolak

Wojciech Karolak – born in 1939, a jazz musician, composer and arranger. He began his music career in 1958 as a saxophonist in the Jazz Believers band, where he played with K. Komeda, A. Trzaskowski and Jan Pt. Wróblewski. In 1962, as a pianist, he established a trio and released his first authorial album. Since 1973, he’s been mainly playing Hammond organ. Karolak is a representative of mainstream jazz, highly influenced by blues music. His authorial album Time Killers, recorded in 1984, was hailed by the Jazz Forum critics as the best album of the 1980-1990 decade. Apart from jazz, he also composes songs (e.g. Wyszłam za mąż, zaraz wracam to the lyrics written by his wife, Maria Czubaszek), film music (W. Leszczyński’s Konipielka, J. Majewski’s Excentrycy) and theatre music (A. Hanuszkiewicz’s The Decameron). He composed the Dracula musical to A. Marianowicz and R.M. Groński’s libretto, Maria Luisa ballet music (St. Wenta), etc. Mr. Karolak is a winner of the Polish Film Award – Orzeł 2016 for the best film music (soundtrack to J. Majewski’s film Excentrycy, czyli po słonecznej stronie ulicy)