Michael Seresin

Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand. to a Russian father and English mother.
After university joined Pacific Films, in Wellington . My introduction to the world of film making.
Three years later went to Rome on a one way ticket with my wife and daughter. After a wonderful year in Rome, we travelled to London and commenced my serious film career. Apart from the occasional documentary, I worked for the first few years almost exclusively on TV commercials, becoming a director cameraman eventually. In those days commercials were a wonderful laboratory to learn the art & craft of light, shadows, darkness & composition. Also I became a partner working as director/cameraman in a well respected TV commercial Co..BFCS, based originally in London, eventually in Milan, New York and Los Angeles. Interspersed with the commercials were films too. Which were much more demanding, challenging and requiring much more visual interpretation.
My first film was with Harold Becker, followed shortly after with 3 films over a couple of years with director Gerard Pires in France. Then  Alan Parker, a close friend and collaborator with whom I worked on some truly wonderful films..

In the early 90’s I bought some land in Marlborough New Zealand and planted a vineyard.  Seresin Estate.
So you could say my life has been dictated by light..first to make films, second the sunlight to grow grapes and being a biodynamic vineyard, the phases of the moon too.
I like the balance of the madness and intensity of the film world in contrast to the more considered and totally weather dependant world of wine.
As my good friend Alan Parker says and I agree…'Light is Life’.