Pamela Biénzobas

Paris-based Chilean film critic, journalist and consultant. As a freelance writer, she has contributed to a number of daily newspapers, print and online magazines (L'Avant-Scène Cinéma, Revista IN, Filmkrant, Senses of Cinema...) and books (Larousse's Dictionnaire Mondial du Cinéma, El novísimo cine chileno...). She co-founded Revista de Cine in 2002.

She wrote the booklet "Errancias" for the Ibero-American film association Cinema23, and is an adviser for their Fénix Awards.

Former vice-president of FIPRESCI (2005-2010), and is still in charge of coordinating special awards such as the Grand Prix. She is vice-president of the Académie des Lumières, of foreign journalists supporting French cinema through the Prix Lumières.