Jan P. Matuszyński

Born in 1984, graduated from the Faculty of Radio and Television of the University of Silesia and the Documentary Programme at Wajda School. His movies have been shown and awarded at numerous film festivals in Poland and abroad. His the author of etudes 15 Years of Silence, Afterparty and documentary Heaven. For his documentary Deep Love he has received, among others, Złoty Lajkonik at Krakow Film Festival and the prize for the best documentary at the International Film Festival in Moscow. The Last Family is his full-length feature film debut that has received many awards, among others, at the Gdynia Film Festival as well as the international ones: Camerimage in Bydgoszcz, in Chicago and Paris. He’s won awards such as “Perspektywa” of Janusz “Kuba” Morgenstern and Paszport Polityki. He also got a Polish Film Award in 2017 for the Discovery of the Year as well as a Golden Reel award granted by the critics' section of the Polish Filmmakers' Association. He received the Audience Prize and Jantar 2017 for the best director for his The Last Family at the Young and Film Festival in Koszalin.