Piotr Metz

A famous music radio host, who ended up on air owing to The Beatles and… the “Wielka Gra” tv trivia show.
He was born in 1957 in Tarnów. Thanks to his love to the Beatles, he found his way into radio. After a written entry test to “Wielka Gra”, which was to be devoted to his beloved band from Liverpool, he met Wojciech Mann, member of the jury. Owing to him, he started working in Polskie Radio Program I. Since 1982, along with Mr. Mann, he hosted the “Zapraszamy do Trójki” programme committed to The Beatles. After a few years, he left Polskie Radio, but he came back to Trójka in 2005.
He has hosted many music broadcasts, e.g.: “Moje miasto nocą”, "Rock&Roll historia powszechna", "W studiu i na scenie", "Akademia muzyczna Trójki", "Zjednoczone Królestwo". On Saturdays at 7.00PM he’s hosting „Lista Osobista”.
He is one of the founders of RMF FM Radio, which came into being in 1990. He also worked in Eurozet company, Eska Radio and for Polish MTV. He was a chief editor in the “Machina” magazine. In 2007 he was awarded with Złoty Mikrofon Polskiego Radia “for his great radio personality and new forms of popularization of pop music”.