Preview of the second day of the Transatlantyk Festival

Handing the Fipresci Platinum Award – 93 to Sally Potter, the director’s Masterclass, the start of the Culinary Cinema, Breakfast with Transatlantyk, screenings of the cycle Browary Polskie present Timespaces VR and over 30 film displays- this day is going to be filled with emotions!

A good number of the films screened are those from the “New Cinema” section, which presents film premieres. That is why on Saturday the audience will have the opportunity to watch, among the others, “Loveling” (dir. Gustavo Pizzi, 11 a.m. in Multikino M2). The film tells a touching story of adults’ adolescence. Irene lives with her husband and their children in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. The film won either critics’ or viewers’ hearts at this year’s Sundance festival- the world mastery of the independent cinema. “This movie has unbridled charm”, said the thrilled “The Hollywood Reporter” reviewer.

Another film “Scary mother” (dir. Ana Urushadze; 5 p.m., Multikino M2) is a psycho-architectural thriller, which was awarded with the main prize at The Film Festival in Sarajevo, it is Georgia’s contender for the Oscar. After the screening, there will be Q&A section with its director.

On the same day, the film “Daughter of Mine” (dir. Laura Bispuri; 1.45 p.m., Multikino M3) will be presented. A strange bond is forming between three protagonists: the daughter, her foster and biological mothers, who constantly struggle with their getting closer-getting away issues. It becomes clear that nothing is going to be the way it was.

In the evening we invite you to the premiere of “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” (dir. Stefano Sollima; 7.30 p.m., Multikino M2). Matt and Alejandro, played by Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro, return to the USA-Mexico border region. Stefano Solima, the creator of the TV series “Gommora”, is the film’s director.

On Saturday we will present “3 Days in Quiberon” (dir. Emiliy Atef; 7.15 p.m., Multikino M5), straight from Berlinale Festival. The film focuses on the story of Roma Schneider. She was the legendary German actress. Schneider gained international recognition for her role of Princess Sissy. Afterwards, she starred in the artistic films of Satuet, Visconti, Żuławski, and in “Theatre of War” (dir. Lola Arias; 5 p.m., Multikino M10), a war film with the strong pacific message. We would like to remind you that all the films from the “New Cinema” section will take part in the competition for Transatlantyk Distribution Award, which comes to 40 000 zloty.

Saturday will be the perfect day to recall film classics on the big screen. The audience will have the opportunity to watch Miloš Forman’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (1 p.m., Multikino M5) and Luciana Pintilie’s “The Oak” (2 p.m., Multikino M10). Both directors are included in this year’s retrospective section- “Close-Up”.

However, the festival Saturday will not start in the cinema, but in the restaurant “Agrafka” (Piotrkowska 90 Street). At that place, this year’s edition of the popular among people from Łódź “Breakfast with Transatlantyk” will take place at 10 a.m. The film “Ramen Shop” (dir. Eric Khoo) will be displayed on the big screen, the guests will have the opportunity to order Asian breakfast. Following the themes of cuisine and cinema, the incredibly popular Culinary Cinema starts on Saturday. The event begins with the supper, which menu was prepared by Wojciech Modest Amaro. The founder of the famous Atelier Amaro will be present during the screening of “Eat Drink Man Woman” (dir. Ang Lee; 7 p.m., Multikino M3) and the supper, which takes places in EC1. Furthermore, the screenings within the cycle “Browary Polskie present Timespaces VR” will be available to watch at the same place from 4 p.m. The displays consist of short-length film blocks, in which their authors use the extended reality techniques. The special screening for media will take place between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The debate “Independence? For whom? And who will miss out on it? How are the disadvantages excluded from the independence project? What can be done about this?” within the cycle “Polityka’s Parlor” will take place in Book&Cook (OFF Piotrkowska 138/140 Street) at 1 p.m. The event will be run by Rafał Woś and the debate’s participants will be Piotr Zaręba, Adrian Zandberg and Leokadia Oręziak.

All the tickets in Multikino and in the Museum of Cinematography cost 7 zloty per single film screening. They are available in the cinemas’ box offices or via websites i (only for films in Multikino).

The passes for “Breakfast with Transatlantyk” are available in the restaurant “Agrafka”. A single pass, which includes screening and breakfast, costs 15 zloty.

The tickets within the cycle “Browary Polskie present Timespaces VR” are free. However, you have to book them via The “Polityka’s Parlor” debate is free as well, with no passes needed.


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