Niepodległość / Independence

Myself, Freedom, Rebellion and Motherland are the first themes of this year's 8th edition of the Transatlantyk Festival in Łódź (13 - 20 July)

Transatlantyk is a festival which, through the prism of film and music, debates about modern world. When preparing the program of each edition, we try to carefully look at the most current social issues in the world: Arab Spring of Nations, Chaos, Refugees, Power of Women - we discussed these topics during the festival in previous years.

In 2018, during Transatlantyk Festival we want to investigate what independence is today or what does the sovereignty of the state mean. There is probably no more important virtue in the cinema than "Independence" and her sister: artistic freedom. When the filmmakers take camera in their hand, they must be sure that the only limitations they have in front of them are the limits of their own imagination. And that they are to fight with them.

Intellectual and artistic independence gave the cinema its most beautiful films, from disturbing visions of Fritz Lang or Stanley Kubrick, intellectual provocations of Grzegorz Królikiewicz, Lars von Trier and Luis Buñuel, to experiments of the creators of the French New Wave. Being free of big budgets has given rise to the motion of independent cinema, and directors such as Jim Jarmusch, Steven Soderbergh or Paul Thomas Anderson who are still a model for beginner creators.

In the film program of the 8th edition of the Transatlantyk Festival, we will look at the elements related to independence, the first three of them described by the slogans: "Myself", "Rebellion" and "Motherland".

In the "Stories of Cinema: Myself" section, we will show films such as Paul Verhoeven's "Turkish Fruit", "Orlando" by Sally Potter, or "Conformist" by Bernardo Bertolucci. The theme that combines the titles in this section are freedom of the individual, intimate dimension and the right to live on its own terms - meaning "Myself". Directors at the same time ask the question what price you need to pay for such independence.

One of the most important elements of this year's program will be a retrospective of Andrzej Barański. His unusual, modest and poetic films deal with one of the most important questions of mobile contemporaneity: a question about home. A place that shapes character and instills values; a place worth fighting for and which will always remain a reference point. In other words: "Motherland", which is the next slogan of this year's film program.

In cooperation with the Polówka Summer Film Festival, Transatlantyk will prepare an outdoor cinema section in which we will show titles related to the slogan "Rebellion". They will be the most rebellious, intellectual debate provoking titles. Thanks to them, we will consider what the framework of state structures and conventions give us, and what consequences to free ourselves from them it entails. The camera will look where we usually look away from.

Feel the freedom with the camera - look into the future - under this slogan the Adam Mickiewicz Institute / and Transatlantyk Festival announce the second edition of the international competition for the short film. In the 100 years of Poland's independence and other European countries regaining independence, the organizers are proposing to young creators a new look forward with original films. Freedom can become a bridge between tradition, the present and the future; way to create and realize your dreams. We want young filmmakers from around the world to tell about it this year.