"FIPRESCI 92" Prize to Lucrecia Martel

Critics honored the Argentinean filmmaker at the occasion of the Transatlantyk Festival (July 14–21, 2017, Lodz, Poland)


Lucrecia Martel is the Argentine film director considered to be one of the most significant contemporary filmmakers. She debuted in 2001 with the Golden Bear-nominated The Swamp. Her next productions – The Holy Girl (2004) and The Headless Woman (2008) – both nominated for the Golden Palm in Cannes – established Martel's position as an international film artist.



The “FIPRESCI 90+” award celebrates over ten decades of the Federation's activities, emphasizing the role and importance of film criticism. Founded in 1925, FIPRESCI is currently the key prestigious organization that brings together film critics from all around the world. – We asked filmmakers who were important for us to celebrate with us, and to accept a special prize, the
“FIPRESCI 90+ Award” - says Klaus Eder, the General Secretary of the International Federation of Film Critics. – The special “FIPRESCI 90+ Award” was so far awarded to Jean-Jacques Annaud, Costa-Gavras, Nanni Moretti, Alan Parker, Goran Paskaljević, Edgar Reitz, Ettore Scola, Béla Tarr, Margarethe von Trotta, and Andrzej Wajda – directors with whose work and conception of cinema we feel particularly connected. And now, in Lodz, Lucrecia Martel honors us, by accepting our “FIPRESCI 92 Award”. She entered the international scene 2001 with her film "La Ciénaga" (The Swamp), a masterpiece of cinema, and is since a wonderful protagonist of Argentinean and Latin American cinemas. We are happy to extend our anniversary greetings from Europe to Argentina, country which offers one of the liveliest landscapes of cinema, in the past and today.

"I'm excited that Lucrecia Martel will be this year's guest of Transatlantyk" says Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, an Oscar-winning composer and the Director of the Festival. "Truly, we couldn't have hoped for a more adequate context for this event. It is a great honor for our Festival to have been chosen by the Federation. So far, among the ten "FIPRESCI 90+" laureates, there was only one woman. The second one will be awarded with the prize right here, in Lodz, during the Festival that has as its main theme the "Power of Woman". It's very rewarding."