The Unseen

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Section: new cinema

Somewhere in the very middle of the desert, a classic postapocalyptic cinema landscape, there are hundreds of refugees who live from one day to another, hoping for a better life somewhere far away. When Yaku (Juan Burga) gets pregnant, together with Pedro (Peter Lanzani), they decide to make journey to the sea, a faint mythical image of which they have in their minds. Hungry and thirsty, thrown into the midst of the war, they trudge fugitively through the barren land, apparently and safe and quiet, but in fact, constantly monitored. The couple will get support from a war correspondent, who does not have much to lose. In the austere, sandy pictures of the director of The Unseen, Nicolás Puenzo, there are values worth preserving even when the world is going to its end.

Patrycja Mucha

Direction Nicolás Puenzo,
Scenario Nicolás Puenzo,
Inne wydarzenia:
14.07.2018, 22:00, The UnseenBuy ticket
18.07.2018, 13:45, The UnseenBuy ticket
Argentina, Chile 2017 Subtitles: polish, english Duration: 96 Minutes
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